Middle School

Sunday service


Every Sunday morning we come to live out our original design by first loving the Lord with all of our heart, soul and mind while loving our neighbor as ourselves. This service is designed for middle schoolers only and serves as a place where they can grow. It consist of games, hang out, worship, and teachings. Similar to our Wednesday nights, but in a smaller setting-tackling topics that middle school students are interested in.

During service we worship through songs and prayer. Then we get honest and vulnerable by listening to the Lord while learning and applying the teachings of the scriptures into our everyday life. After, we go deep with one another to build genuine relationships with friends and mentors. Lastly, we have an enormous amount of fun by connecting with games, challenges, events, retreats and so much more.

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Sunday structure

  • Up to 40 minutes of pre-service hangout time, including games and snack shack

  • Small Groups (assigned by Grade/Gender- ex. 7th grade guys, 6th grade girls.) Groups are led by our leadership team of high school students, college students, working professionals, moms & dads, and other amazing volunteers!

  • 1-2 worship songs

  • Teaching moment

  • Small groups- alternating discussion and more teaching time

  • Invite Sunday [once a month]